Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Add a Fireplace Where you Never Thought You Could!

Zero clearance fireplaces are built to allow for installation next to combustible material. This versatility comes from their insulated design that keeps the outer surface from getting too hot. They also don’t require a hearth and are inexpensive to install. “Zero clearance” refers to the clearance space needed between the firebox and combustible material. Zero clearance fireplaces are insulated so they can come into direct (or very close) contact with combustible material. They require less space for installation and are more versatile than traditional fireplaces.

These distinctive fireplaces can be installed in a wide variety of locations in your home since it’s not necessary to have an existing chimney. Engineered with safety in mind, zero clearance fireplaces are equipped with state of the art pilot and burner shut-off systems.


Royal Fireside - Napoleon Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Visit the Napoleon website zero-clearance section. Available in wood or natural gas

White Mountain

Royal Fireside - White Mountain Hearth Gas Zero Clearance Stoves

Visit the White Mountain Hearth (Empire) website gas fireplace section. Available in natural gas.


Royal Fireside - Enviro Gas Zero Clearance Stoves

Visit the Enviro website gas fireplace section. Available in natural gas.