Wood Fireplace Inserts

Heat Your Home Naturally but Efficiently

Traditional fireplaces lose more heat from your home than they generate. Create a beautiful, cost-effective source of warmth by installing a wood-burning fireplace insert. Wood inserts continue to deliver high safety standards and quality performance. Wood stoves will perform year after year with long burn times, clean glass and excellent heat output.

Blaze King

Royal Fireside - Blaze King Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Royal Fireside - Napoleon Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Royal Fireside - IronStrike Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Royal Fireside - HearthStone Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Royal Fireside - Osburn Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Empire Stove

Royal Fireside - Empire Wood Fireplace Inserts

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Royal Fireside - Archgard Wood Fireplace Inserts

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